Asolo, history and beauty

Asolo, an evocative medieval village that the poet Carducci described as “the city of a hundred horizons”, experienced its greatest splendour during the Renaissance in the times of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, when, in addi-tion to the Queen of Cyprus Caterina Corner, who established her court there, many Venetian nobles built numerous Palladian villas in the surrounding hills. These were not only sumptuous residences, but also real farms where the peasants, housed in the adjacent ‘barchesse’, devoted themselves profitably to the cultivation of vines.

The particular tenacious conglomeration of soil com-bined with a mild climate characterised by wide day/night temperature ranges makes the Colli Asolani particularly suitable for viticulture, giving the wines mi-neral, floral and fruity notes.

  • Vista del territorio di Asolo nelle colline del Prosecco
  • Asolo delle Tenute del Prosecco
  • Tempio del Canova a Possagno
  • Vigneti delle Tenute Balzan nel territorio di Asolo